Saturday 6 August 2016

Mind Body Coach Website

A quick shout out to my great brother-in-law Martyn who is a trained holistic lifestyle coach!

Here's a short extract from his website:


"Everyone’s individuality is a combination of their physical, emotional, mental and spiritual attributes.
Holistic lifestyle coaching can help uncover hidden, underlying factors that are creating symptoms of ill health and a lack of well-being.  Appropriate therapies can then be used to address these factors and facilitate healing."

“As you think so you shall become” Bruce Lee 


"Are you looking to improve stamina, develop strength, control your weight, correct your posture or just feel more energised in your daily life? These are all areas where holistic health coaching can help provide the motivation, guidance, support and inspiration to help you achieve your goals in a planned, structured way.  As well as relevant exercise, emphasis is placed on ensuring you get appropriate nutrition by following a dietary regime tailored to your body’s requirements."
"You are what you eat." Victor Lindlahr

If you want to read more or see if Martyn can help your mind and/or body then please visit his website!  If you mention this post he might even give you a discount!


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