Tuesday 23 August 2016

How to Forgive - Steven Webb

Steven Webb is the author of 'The Moving Road - Start Your Own Journey to Success in Four Simple Steps', blogger on www.themovingroad.com, speaker and motivational guru.

Being severely paralysed since 1991, Steven Webb has not only endured his disability for nearly 25 years, but has also dealt with many other adversities in his own life from bankruptcy to attempted suicide. Now in his 40s, Steven has managed to turn his life around from being on the brink of a complete breakdown to becoming a highly motivated author, blogger and speaker.

There are hundreds of self-help books, many of which will tell you to set goals and then take action towards them. They are absolutely right, because that is what success is in a nutshell.

So why read "The Moving Road - Start Your Own Journey to Success in Four Simple Steps?"

While this book is essentially about setting goals and taking action, Steven also documents and explains why it is not quite that simple, and gives you the tools and the knowledge to understand why it is difficult for each of us to change. Knowing these things will give you the ability to anticipate the difficult patches, as well as help you to deal with your current bad habits and give you the ability to find your passion and start doing what you really enjoy.

You have two choices: you can sit and wait for the next pay rise, job offer or winning lottery ticket; or you can invest in yourself and start generating the life you've dreamt of since you were a child.

Download the book and start turning your life around right now!

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