Friday 12 August 2016

How to Develop a Millionaire Mindset - Jack Canfield

Some great advice here.  I am even doing this sort of thing myself, but often forget to, so this was a great reminder for me.  Sometimes you need some structure around this, so I try and put reminders in place on my laptop, but do whatever it takes I guess to make sure you remember to do this sort of thing regularly.  I'm going to try it more and more now that I am more focussed on it.

One thing I think I need is mentoring, as I often feel like I am not sure I am "doing things right".  I am sure you sometimes feel the same way.  I am thinking of doing a course where I get mentored in my business approach.  I was also considering doing the Tai Lopez 67 Steps program - I have heard a few people say they don't think a set of videos can help you get rich - but isn't that obvious?

I am not putting those people down at all, but for a relatively small amount of money what do you expect to get?  For me it would be the knowledge imparted, and the structure of the program to make me accountable for what I am doing and call me into action to get things done.

I can't fully comment on it as I have not done it yet, but I prefer to keep an open mind on these things, and often when I think so negatively on a subject, I realise it is saying more about me than about the thing I am referring to.  Wow, deep for a Friday morning eh...

Anyway, if you want to check it out and decide for yourself take a look at and at least take the free advice.

Have a great Friday people, I am sending you all positive thoughts and goodwill.
Dave x

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