Monday 18 July 2016

Tips to Structure Your Day #productivity

Some great tips here on tasks and productivity.  One thing I try to do with my "to do" lists (I have lots!) is to redo them at night ready for the next day - it starts my brain with a clear idea of my goals for the next day, without overwhelming myself with ALL the items on my list.  If I forget then I just do this in the morning - I pick the top things I want to get done today and concentrate on those until done.

Now sometimes, work, kids, life gets in the way - don't beat yourself up about this and worry that you don't have all the things done you wanted to  - you need to be flexible and adapt - and the same is true for my "todo" lists - I adapt them and re-focus time and time again.

Some people I find are "morning" people and some are more "night owls" - I seem to like both strangely enough - I love the peace and calm of the late evening, but I also love the quiet of the mornings, before others are awake, or before other colleagues get into work.  I seem to get a whole lot more done in this time than when I am distracted throughout the rest of the day.

You could try staying up an extra hour to get some things achieved off of your list, or get up an hour earlier, you might be surprised at the results.  Maybe don't try both together (at first!) as you could deprive yourself of valuable sleep!

Another way to get organised is to get some help in the form of assisted help from mentors - and some online programs offer this - for example take a look at and see if that's something that might help get you started to becoming more productive.

Have a great day, get some stuff done, but don't worry and panic about it.  Life is for living, not just for crossing things off a list.  That's what I have learned, sometimes you just need peace and quiet to think!

Dave x

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