Monday 23 May 2016

Think And Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill #bookreview #success

I can't really review the book as I'm still reading it(!).

I'm a slow reader, and only really read when I feel I am in "dead time" like commuting, so I only get to read this on the train to and from work.  Bullshit I know, but run with it.

My daughter would still laugh at me though, she can polish off a book in under a day.  I am so glad for her! 

But I am really enjoying taking my time with this book - it doesn't need to be rushed, I don't need to get to the end so I can "tick it off" as a book I had to read.  I will read it of course, but I already knew a few pages in that I would be keeping this book and re-reading it again and again in the future...

I've never said that about a book before I think.  Well, maybe Richard Koch's 80/20 Principle book, but then again I'm only going to read 20% of that the next time :-)

Basically, I'm loving this book - I can see some of the affirmation type theory in other personal development stuff I have been reading and researching, but for some reason when I started reading this book it all felt new and exciting and different.  I felt like I was being let in on some big secret, and I felt like a kid again.

Now, I know it's not going to make me rich just by reading it, but I know it will make me rich if I follow the advice, tips, exercises and turn the theory and ideas into my own reality.  It still did make me feel something other books have not, and that's awesome!

People I know don't seem to recommend things like this, and are very dismissive of such books.  But as my new (virtual) pal @garyvee might say "Just fucking do it, go for it, get on it, enjoy it, suck it dry".

No idea if he would really say that, but I can hear him in my head giving a passionate rant about it...

Jeez that guy has some energy and passion... I'm new to @garyvee but am finding him a breath of fresh fucking air (oops there he goes again, sorry).

Maybe it's just me - hopefully you will understand if you have read it or are reading it now.  But I encourage you to check it out.

Here's the official blurb of the book:

Napoleon Hill's best-selling THINK AND GROW RICH! is the most widely acclaimed, influential book on success ever published. THINK AND GROW RICH! explains entrepreneur Andrew Carnegie's secret to success, revealed to Napoleon Hill during private interviews with Carnegie, the richest man of his time and during more than 20 years of research into the lives and philosophies of more than 500 of the most successful people in America. This timeless classic presents a systematic nuts-and-bolts approach to developing the skills and mindset required to achieve exceptional success in any field or endeavour, personal or professional. Hill explains in detail 13 steps required to achieve those goals. The book contains numerous self-tests and checklists. In addition, it provides key details about Dr. Hill's life and times, his life-long research and the leaders of business and industry he studied to glean the invaluable principles of success you'll discover here.

This is a steal on Amazon UK at the moment for just £4.99 - grab yourself a copy here:

Or if you are in the US it's only $8.68:

Dave G or should that be Dave Gee?

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