Thursday 25 February 2016

12 Signs That You Have Low Self-Esteem

Have you always felt like the victim of tragic events?

As if life has been so unfair and cruel to you when you never did anything wrong. You think to yourself that you deserve better, but you refuse change.

Dreaming of the day where you see yourself happy, being with someone you love, finding your own place and truly deserving this life.

It does make you smile. However, you could only live this life inside your head because at the end of the day, you feel there is no reason for you to live such a great life.

You think you don't deserve better and settle for less. Does it all sound familiar?

Here are 12 signs of low self-esteem

1. You don't have faith in yourself

Every time you think of a new idea or want to try something new, you believe that there's absolutely no way you can do it. It's impossible you say, but you wish that someday it might just happen. Someday though, means it's never happening.

2. You settle for less

There's always that something or someone you want, yet if you receive something that's not up to your standards, you take it and never aim for more. This is not necessarily a bad trait, but you might end up always settling for less. If you get into this habit and carry it over to your relationships, you'll end up getting abused.

3. You say yes even if you don't want to

Someone asked you out and you said yes because that's the polite thing to do even if you don't like to be with the said person. When somebody asked you to do a favor for him at the expense of your time, you said yes even if you shouldn't have. No matter how inconvenient for you, you just can't say no to people.

4. You're tired of everything

You find yourself feeling tired and saying how tired you are every single day. The funny thing is, you settle and don't even attempt to make any changes to your current state.

5. You can't move on from the past

Always talking about the past and how much better it was back in the day is your favorite hobby. Your friends, family and even strangers hear about your stories. Most of the time, this is you talking about your Ex.

6. You wish to be happy

Something is definitely wrong if you 'wish' to be happy instead of being one already. The accumulated baggage from the past is holding you back and clouding your vision to see that you can find happiness now if you only look ahead.

7. You know you're being taken advantage of, but you let them

This is what ends up happening after doing no. 2 and 3 of this list. You say yes not because you like it, but because you find it hard to say no and you settle for something so much less than you deserve. You end up getting abused and they keep doing it, hurting you, breaking you. You can escape however, and you choose not to, because you're already used to this kind of behavior and wouldn't know any other way of living.

8. You're afraid of change

Knowing that you deserve better, you're content with just imagining about it instead of doing something. You've become so accustomed to your current state that any thought of change is indeed frightening.

9. You don't care about the future

People as long as they are alive, look forward to the future. It gives them hope that someday, everything is going to be alright. Looking forward to something also let's us know that day by day, we get closer to our goals. But a person with low self-esteem does not see the future that way, you see tomorrow as another day to live awfully, and no one looks forward to an awful day.

10. Everyone's happiness come before your own

The way you'd put others happiness before your own is actually a good trait, but it only works if you end up being happy too. Someone with low self-esteem will put others happiness except his or her own. While you made everyone happy, you are content being unhappy.

11. You can't decide on your own

When it comes to decisions, you'd rather have others decide for you. This usually result in doing something you don't even like. But you'd rather have it this way than taking responsibility for your own decisions.

12. Death seems better

There will be those days that you feel nothing ever goes right and it never is going to get better. You're tired of it all and tomorrow will be the same. There's nothing to look forward to, you're unhappy, you're hoping for change but you've settled for less and when you look at your day to day situation, you see a pattern and believe it's never going to get better. With that in mind, death does sound like the better option.

I hope it never gets to this point, and if any of the above describes you or a friend of yours, it's time for change.

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