Friday 26 February 2016

1 Simple Rule to Achieve Anything You Want

You have dreams, aspirations and goals, just thinking about it fills your eyes with hope and happiness; while day dreaming about the things you could achieve, your heart is crushed with sadness as you realize that all the things you want in life are far from your reach.

So many things are stopping you:
  • I don't have time 
  • I'm too busy
  • I'm not smart
  • I wasn't born rich
  • I can't afford it
  • I'm not good-looking
  • She's out of my league
  • He's just lucky, unlike me
  • I have to do something else first
  • My parents won't allow it
  • I don't know how
  • I only have one leg
  • That's too hard
  • It's impossible for me
  • I tried before, it didn't workout
Notice what the statements above all have in common

They're all excuses!

The reality is, you're stopping yourself from achieving the things you really want; Not your parents, not your looks, not your non-flattering achievements and not your grades in school.

So what is the best way to achieve anything you want?

The 1 simple rule to achieve anything you want is to GIVE YOURSELF NO EXCUSE.

Imagine yourself being teased by your friends to talk to your crush, but no matter how hard they try, you just wouldn't. Now, what happens if they suddenly lock you up in one room with your crush?

The two of you locked up in there with nothing else to do, your crush says "hey, what's up?"

And finally you talk to him/her; The two of you talk for hours, when you get out of the room, you realize you have so much in common that you end up going out and dating.

Silly example above, nonetheless true. What happened was that when cornered, you have no choice but to do that one thing you've always wanted. It may be as simple talking to someone you like, or something more challenging as becoming a doctor.

When you give yourself no excuse, These things happen:

Instead of coming up with excuses why you can't achieve something, you come up with plans on how to make it happen

Think about it for a moment, the last time you were cornered with no escape, how fast were you able to come up with a plan? When you give yourself no excuse, you put yourself into a corner with no choice but to attack head on.

You take action

Now that you don't have anything in mind to stop you. You go ahead and proceed with your plan to achieve whatever it is you want.

You learn

The achievement of dreams, goals and aspirations is a process. When you finally take action to make it happen, you learn how much work needs to be done, the time needed to complete it, and if the goal set is really for you.

You become

You did it, with no excuse, you come up with a plan, took action, fail and learn on some, and finally you've become what you always wanted to be.


Take 2 pieces of paper, write one goal of yours on top of the paper of both sheets. On one paper, write down all the reasons why you can't achieve your goal. On the other, write down possible actions on how you could make it happen.

Throw away the paper were you wrote down all your excuses.

Repeat with any goals.
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