Friday 21 July 2017

Andy Harrington Stand & Deliver Free Seminar Review (& Free Book Offer)

Stand & Deliver

I attended the free “Stand & Deliver” event by Andy Harrington on Wednesday, so thought I would write a few words about it.

It was my first time seeing Andy Harrington, and of course knowing this was a “free” event I knew they would try and up-sell me a course or product, that’s only natural.  I used to hate that sort of thing, I’d feel like “here we go again, the sales bit!”.  But of course this is a business, from the moment I clicked on one of his links or whatever it was, I am in their “sales funnel” and that’s just how it works, and I am happy with that provided you get some value along the way.  

I definitely got some value from Andy before I attended the course through some of his videos, teaching techniques and also from the stories I watched on some of the graduates from his “Public Speakers University” - some truly inspiring stuff.

Before the seminar I wasn’t sure if I would do the course or not, but of course, as for most people, you assess the cost/benefit, the risk/reward when you are there.  I already had it in my head what sort of price I would gladly pay, so I was more open than on some previous seminars/talks I have attended, and tried to be as open as possible to all the benefits.

I’d already read most of Andy’s book “Passion Into Profit”, but I was keen to see how this guy cam across in person, in the flesh.  I think I like to “check people out” before I buy anything from them.

Some of the stuff Andy spoke of I had seen before, notably his “story” and some of his speaking techniques/teachings, but nevertheless it was a great few hours.

What I really enjoyed was that this was not just all about standing on stage and delivering a speech, it was so much more than that.  It covered personal development, mindset, playing big, confidence, speaking on stage, storytelling, and communicating your message to thousands of people without using a prompt.  Impressive stuff.

So I have signed up to do the “Public Speakers University” course, which scares and excites me in equal measure.  Almost.  

Maybe you’re like me, interested in being able to speak on stage better, more confidently, tell gripping stories, or are just interested in personal development.  If so, then I think this would be of use to you too.

You can see more about Andy on YouTube or grab a copy of his free book “Passion Into Profit”.  I just finished the book this morning while having a coffee in may local town centre.  The last chapter was all about how we can beat ourselves up about things, listening to the voices in our heads, the “I’m not good enough” voice, you know the one.  It was a timely reminder for me as I felt like I was on a dit of a “downer” yesterday due to various events (out of my control events please note!), and just hearing Andy say those words made me drive home with the stereo blaring out a tune that inspires me - how funny that it was “Human” by Rag’n’Bone Man with the lyric “don’t put the blame on me”.

Time for me to take action.

Best wishes,


  1. Did you do the 4 day course?
    Feedback please as was thinking about attending one.

    1. I'm on the 4 day course now David, half way through in fact, and loving it so far.

    2. Are you going to post a review of the 4 day course.

    3. I wasn't planning on one, but it was a great 4 days, I thoroughly recommend it. Maybe I will write a review when I get a bit f time. Have you read the book?

  2. Hi David - no I just did the 1 day event as mentioned above, but am on the Professional Speakers University training in Feb I think, that might be a 4 day course I'm not sure. Have you read the book, some good stuff in there I think you'll agree. I can tell you more about the course after Feb! All the best, Dave

  3. I did attend his 4 days program.. and I would say its not worth the investment.. just a below average 4 days program.. he will try to upsell another program which is about $14k in Australia when I did.. His free session was good as gold, thats where people get attracted but the paid in not recommended at all..

    1. Thanks for the comment. I thought the 4 days I did here in the UK were amazing to be honest, pushed me way outside my comfort zone, and I ended up loads more confidence and never imagined I would be able to deliver a talk for 20 minutes with no slides, no notes or anything. Yes they will always try and upsell you onto further programmes down the funnel, that's standard sales techniques, but I genuinely got massive value from it, shame you didn't it seems.

  4. Hi David - would really appreciate your view on the course now - with a few months reflection. It would mean a lot!

    Are you truly happy with the investment you made?
    Could there have been a better way to achieve the same results?
    Have you learned and applied lasting public speaking tips and seen huge growth from it?

    Am about to attend one of the free seminars here in Dubai and want to go in fully eyes wide open.

    All the best

  5. Yes very happy thanks - it was well worth it in my opinion. They will of course try and sell you the course but we all know that right? I think it was a good course and I was sceptical before I went. I would do it again in a shot, it scared the crap out of me, but was worth it.

  6. Ah thanks - appreciate the feedback.