Tuesday 27 September 2016

How to Triple Your Reading Speed in 20 Minutes - Tim Ferriss

I'm re-posting this to report what I have discovered when trying out this technique.  I must say I was amazed by the simplicity of it and the results it produced.  I didn't even do all the things Tim talks about here, I just set a timer on my phone for 1 minute, and read my normal book - The Power Of Positive Thinking- and noted how much I covered (about 1 page).  I then just tried a rough version of the "margins" method he showed here - I didn't mark the pages or adhere to this strictly, I just tried to consciously read in from the left and not read to the end of the line, and I couldn't quite believe how much faster I was reading!  I am going to keep this up and also try the exercise on reading as fast as possible, beyond the comprehension window, then take it back a notch until I do understand it all, and compare the results again.

A great tip, that actually works!

If you want to check out more by Tim Ferriss you can see his selection of books HERE

Have a great day!
Dave x

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