Thursday 7 January 2016

Happiness As a Way of Life

Have you ever visited a place of business or even someone's home where you could just feel the happiness in the air.

The air might even have a happy smell. The people great you will a smile and its genuine because they like doing what they do!

Why are some of these places filled with happy people and other places not?

To me being happy is everything, I have put myself in a few awkward positions in my life. But it seems that it has mostly been my optimistic outlook that has made the difference in my life.

My grandfather and my father were happy people and I believe it rubbed off. Happiness is really a choice in all of our lives. While some people believe they will find happiness as their external circumstances improve. I have not found this to be true as a general rule.

I cannot think of one person that had a nasty attitude and came into a fortune or got a raise and all of a sudden they are happy and fulfilled with life.

Happiness is something that I have to work on everyday. It's like being in the zone for an athlete. The athlete trains to get to the vibration of optimal performance. For me I believe I am coming more aware of how I feel a certain way and why!

As you learn to become happier life becomes more enjoyable. Even dare I say you will be able to accomplish things easier and with more grace than before.

Why? Because you have decided to tap into the source of all wellbeing that is the vibration of happiness. This to me is true source energy and is available to all of us that want to acknowledge and work with it.

Does being happy make a difference? I believe it does. The wonderful part about all of it is all of us can learn to become happier in our own lives. Just by choosing to be.

It seems so simple yet so difficult to understand that we all have the choice to feel like we want to feel. I enjoy being happy, I enjoy feeling good and being around people that are of the same vibration.

Sure I know many of us including me can use a helping hand at times to learn how other people are cultivating happiness. Be happy and build momentum on your own happiness.

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